Using permaculture design strategies means utilizing many or all of our HOGS services, mindfully and deliberately, to transform any lawn or property into a thriving, easily manageable system of biodiverse, interconnected and productive plants, animals and landscape features.

Permaculture designs strive to:        benefit people
                                                              benefit Earth
                                                              return or distribute surplus

Examples of some permaculture design strategies may include:

-       Designing a low maintenance, property wide rain catchement system with swails and rain gardens to hold and distribute rain water and runoff, eliminating the need to use any public water for irrigation.

-       Carefully placing fruit and nut trees which provide high energy nutritious food with little maintenance, are good for the atmosphere and the soil, and attract birds and other pollinators.

-       Strategically selecting berry or other perennial bushes which can provide fresh fruit or can be preserved for use over the winter. Perennial food bushes also require minimal maintenance and can serve multiple purposes in the system like fixing nitrogen in the soil and providing natural fencing or shelter. Birds and bees also love them.

-       Efficiently locating a super productive composting system which will process all organic excess, stimulate biodiverse effective microorganism growth, can be used to make compost teas, and will in every way possible improve the health of the soil and Earth.

-       Installing a hip height raised bed with detachable hoophouse along a walkway or near the kitchen to provide easy, yearlong access to hardy vegetables, herbs and greens such as spinach or kale which can be used daily.

Permaculture systems are designed to sustain over time with limited or no additional energy inputs required once established.

Permaculture systems are designed to release more usable energy than they consume, reduce waste and increase connections between system components, elements and functions.

HOGS is available for Permaculture Design consultation or complete landscape design and implementation.