The positive effect that Dylan and his garden has had on my family's health is immeasurable. We all enjoy fresh salads daily for much of the year, I have a steady supply of greens for the juices that have cured my chronic migraine headaches, and we eat seasonally, taking advantage of the changing bounty that the garden produces.

As a woman with "two jobs, two kids and two elderly parents", I was very concerned about the time commitment involved in having my own garden. With Dylan's support, the garden has fit seamlessly into my life. I have come to enjoy the simple joy of playing in the dirt and remain in wonder at the process in which a teeny seed grows into the gorgeous produce on my plate. Dylan has also taught me how easy and rewarding it is to compost (and has built me the world's most beautiful compost system!).

Dylan's easy-going, happy personality just adds further value. He has been a great role model for my two teenage boys and it has been wonderful to see my whole family get involved in the gardening process. Dylan is a treasure, and the health and well-being of my family is absolutely enhanced by having him as part of our lives.

                                                      -Dr. Barbara Bolen, Northport NY

We first started working with Dylan on our garden in 2011. He was amazing to work with right from the start. His sheer passion for gardening and for growing clean, homegrown, organic food just shines through everything he does. His enthusiasm for growing his own food made us want to do the same at our house. We decided to just go for it and build a 16 x 16' raised bed box garden in our front yard. Having the garden has literally been life altering. Now we take care and pride in what we are growing and eating. I don't think I even liked tomatoes before I got to eat them from my very own garden. Dylan was wonderful to work with on all levels. He had great ideas about what we could be growing, the potential of our garden, and how to maintain it throughout the season. He did the entire installation, planting, and maintenance for our garden for the first year. Now that the garden is built, he does cultivating, helps cage our unruly tomatoes, and general maintenance throughout our season. Dylan keeps coming up with new and creative ways to extend the length of our season so that we can enjoy the fresh veggies for even longer each year. He even has knowledge of canning items so that we may enjoy them throughout the winter months. Our garden is the hit of our neighborhood. We encourage our neighbors to come and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and they do! Last year we gave our closest neighbors baskets and told them to come pick anytime. Every time our friend Julia serves string beans she has to tell her son that they are "Kate's beans," otherwise he won't eat them! We can't recommend HOGS highly enough. It's not just a business, it's a lifestyle.

-Kate Gilmore, Northport NY

The day I moved into a new garden apartment in Brooklyn in 2012, Dylan installed a flower and vegetable garden in the yard. In the time it took for the moving truck to unload and the most basic settling in to occur, Dylan managed to level and re-soil the garden, install a border of railroad ties, and thoughtfully plant vegetables and flowers where it made the most sense, both in relationship to each other and to the light that would be coming in at different times of day. That evening, the first in my new home, I was able to look out onto a garden that would be a source of food, beauty, and joy every day I lived there. 

Dyan's work ethic is exceptional, as is his expertise, his honesty, and his ability to tailor a garden to a client's wishes and circumstances. He is always happy to discuss organic gardening techniques, even with complete novices like me. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his vision, optimism, and speed will not only deliver you an enviable garden, but might even make you start to believe a better wold is possible.

-Holly Beck, Brooklyn NY